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Blondies + Brunettes

This is the quintessential classic blondie. Take her to afternoon tea. Take her on a picnic. Take her to Bungalow. Wherever she goes she fits right in. Like the perfect chocolate chip cookie. But better.

This super buttery blondie will blow your mind. Her white chocolate highlights perfectly compliment her buttery overtones. And just enough scotchiness to make Johnnie proud.

Chunky yet chewy, this blondie is a health nut (relatively speaking). Chock full of raisins and pecans, it’s a perfect dose of late night nourishment when all you’ve had for dinner is the olives in your martini.

This sassy blondie packs such a peanut buttery punch, she almost sticks to the roof of your mouth. Luckily, the super-square chocolate chunks provide just the right amount of contrast to rein her in.


This brunette is so freakin’ classic she may as well be a Birkin bag. Moist, fudgey, fabulous.

This brunette is so damn hot you will feel like you are sitting right in front of the campfire. With her graham cracker crust, ultra-rich chocolatey center and toasted marshmallow topping, she may even be worth camping out for. Luckily, you don’t have to.

This decadent brunette is so filthy rich you’ll want to marry her. Her crunchy hazelnuts floating in a sea of Nutella-laden chocolate pair perfectly with Veuve.

This dense, luscious brunette will wake up your taste buds so tremendously, they’ll want to take her on the late flight to Vegas. Strong coffee flavor balanced with smooth creamy white chocolate chips. Espresso white chocolate is the new Red Bull.