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10/02/14 HBB Closed October 6th and 7th

HBB will be closed Monday, October 6th and Tuesday, October 7th. Production and shipping will resume October 8th.

06/09/14 The Salon: Wired for Wellness

Once again, we are proud to be a part of this highly motivated group of entrepreneurial ladies. Join us on Tuesday, June 17th for The Salon's next event: Wired for Wellness. There's nothing better than going to a high energy event and bringing home a ton of knowledge, building relationships and having shared experiences with like minded people. Except getting to eat blondies and drink beer while doing so. See you there!

06/06/14 Happy Father's Day!

Now it's Dad's turn, and of course, we blondies are the ultimate Daddy's girls.  Who unconditionally showers you with love and affection and compliments and sound advice (and forgives you when you don't follow it)?  Who supports you in every single way?  Who believes that it is really, truly essential that you need a brand new Celine bag because dark green is a winter color? Who understands that another vacation is really as necessary as we think it is?

Daddy does.  Which is why this month's flavor is THE BERRY BEST DAD BLONDIE.  This blondie is nutty and rich, as well as sweet with a touch of tart. Just like our dear ole dads. We don't know what we'd do without them.

05/02/14 Happy Mother's Day!

Whether you have one, are one, love one or are married to one, it is undeniable that many Mommies are downright sexy. Yes, they bathe, they feed, they wipe asses, kiss boos boos (physical and emotional) and clean messes. But most of the ones we know look damn good doing it.

If you know and love one of these hot mommas, tell her so by sending her some M.I.L.F. BLONDIES. Mother I'd Like to Fudge, of course! A deliciously buttery blondie base is topped with rich, extra fudgey brownie. She'll love you and hate you for them. And wouldn't that be more than appropriate.

05/02/14 HBB x BAM Art Auction

HBB is proud to be a part of BAM's 10th annual art auction. Artworks will be on view at Whitebox Art Center from May 3–5, followed by a closing night party (with lots of Blondies and Brunettes!!!) from 7 to 10pm Make sure you check out this highly anticipated art event!

04/28/14 Brooklyn. Meet Hot Blondies

Huge, exciting moves happening. HBB is moving production to new and improved Brooklyn headquarters! Thanks to all you Blondie addicts, we've outgrown our bakery on 6th Avenue. Our new digs will give us the capacity to accommodate our rapid growth and exciting new accounts. And will give you more opportunities to buy our product at select gourmet specialty shops. 

We can’t wait to continue to grow our presence and enable your habit. Our success is all thanks to you. We’ll keep you updated along the way!

Laura & Lorin

03/30/14 Passover and Easter Deliciousness

For those who are constantly plagued with the lack of tasty desserts during Passover, the search is over. Our ROCK THE SEDER Brunettes will rock your world. Forget the afikomen. You'll be hiding these babies so you can eat them all week long. 

If you're a slave to the crunch when it comes to sweets, you will adore our MATZOH CRUNCH. With layers of caramel, chocolate and matzoh, this could rival matzoh brei as the Passover Food Most Likely to Be Eaten Not During Passover. Stock up.

We've got eggs and we know how to use them. This Easter you will be on the hunt for our EASTER BUNNY BLONDIES. Bunnies and blondies haven't merged so well since the Playboy Club. Brighten up your Easter Sunday with a bunch of these colorful egg-shaped blondies adorned with oh-so-pretty decorations. They're (almost) too cute to eat!

Enter HBBseder at checkout for 20% off all orders now through April 18th!

03/03/14 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Elfin green blondies in the shape of a shamrock are a delicious addition to any Jameson binge.

01/29/14 Super Bowl XLVII

We are super pumped for Super Bowl XLVII. And when it comes to game night, the food is just as important as the watching. So make sure you get your delicious HBB orders in soon! Enter HBBXLVII at checkout for 20% off now through Friday, January 31st.

01/22/14 The Salon - New Year, New Possibilities

On Thursday, January 23rd join us for the next Salon event at Above Allen to meet and mingle with some of NYC's most inspired and successful female entrepreneurs who are forging new professional paths. Be sure to RSVP online.  See you there!